Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Eng 100 creative writing",

Young Love.

She loved you. More then you realized, more than you had fully been able to grasp.

It’s a sad thing to witness a love that seemed real,

But a love that didn’t last.

Seeing situations, heartbreaks, is really stomach churning.

Seeing a person you love in pain,

and all you can do is watch and try your best to wipe away--

The tears in their eyes, is bullets to your soul.

Always makes me loose it, my control.

She called me at 2am shaken and distraught,

Told me how he moved on with the girl I wish would have rot.

I never really understood the lifestyle of a teenage swinger,

One mate to the next.

Every other month, week, or couple of days-- lusting for new sex.

To love them and leave them really does not seem the way.

I was raised myself differently, brought up to believe,

That Love was amazing, that it was all you would need.

She began her story of how he moved on two weeks later

From their relationship that to her was the greater--

From any that she had known,

But he moved on to a girl he had hardly had even known.

And not with just any random fish from the sea

But the one with that super crazy STD.

I can only imagine how she felt,

With something so delicate as to love, I tend to become vulnerable myself.

Thinking about the love that was given, I know was true.

But it really shows how they felt when they go and do that to you.

He caught her poison and now is in a hole,

Wishing he did not leave that pure love he had known.

My friend can only wish him no disrespect, and pray his choice has served him best.

Sometimes you can’t turn back, from the choices you made,

You have to lay in the bed with the actions with that are now engraved.

Forever he will have that reminder in his pants,

That a bad girl ruined him, and the better choice is the one that he will never get back.

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