Sunday, May 15, 2011

everything I thought I knew you blew out of the water.
up until this night, our moment, I thought I had things figured out.
before recently I knew love as simply affection given to those believed to have been deserving,
but now I know there are levels above. levels greater than I could have ever grasped..
before you..
before you I can hardly remember. i've been impacted by this love, that I know is love.
and those sincere emotions I felt for others could not even be held in the same cradle as this catastrophic new sensation that burns for you. that lives in the moments we spend together,
our souls merge as your eyes meet mine. and they hold each other in that period we share just gazing and appreciacting the others existance.
the imprints that we have burned in each others being..... we will never be the same.
this is the best blessing that could ever be bestowed upon me.
perfect is a word that could not even begin to capture how right this all feels,
because this cannot be bound by a phrase. i am so happy I feel numb.
paralyzed when you are not around because my thoughts are consumed in the last moment that we spent together. trying to remember that look in your face that got me finally to believe that you loved me as much as I did for you.
tears in my eyes as i type this because I want to remember that moment of when I finally did realize that I deserve someone as great as you.
I've never felt at such peace.
the overwhelming emotions you cause me to feel, it rushes down my body cleansing my past mistakes from all of my bruised organs, giving me hope that I can start new.
in this moment, right now I don't feel like I can have a future that involves being without you.

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