Saturday, October 1, 2011

nothing i ever say is written in stone,
my ideas change as i do daily.
And this is probably why I dont agree with my past actions, all the time.
it should be forbidden to regret because it changes nothing but only leaves negative feeling of whats lost or could have been(s).
but as a learning experience i know now what i should try to avoid.

being selfish in any state.

all this time alone has given me much to reflect on, everything.
myself, values, the world --from perspective.
i dont know if this is what it is to grow up, but if this is the aging process is a very peculiar one.

Im starting to see time in every sort of movement,

Like moving frames for each second, (maybe even faster), of my surroundings.

I'm constantly thinking that I am losing my mind.

But i finally feel like I have a better understanding.

And I think that its what Ive wanted all along,

from what i can remember, of my past and who i was before.

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