Monday, January 2, 2012

Pisces: Career & Finance

Year 2012 Career

You're looking at the big picture in assessing your career needs for 2012. You've been so immersed in the details of daily life that you've almost forgotten to pause and ask yourself if you're fulfilled. The last of the eclipses to hit your career sector for another 14 or so years arrives in June to give you that final push. You realize that you can no longer separate your soul's passion from your work. You've got too many artistic and mystical gifts to just plod along in survival mode, playing the savior for others at the expense of your own soul. You can be of service in a way that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning. Help does not have to mean suffering and martyrdom. It's time to celebrate all your talents and put your vision into action. Sometimes you're too subtle and invisible for your own good. Why are you hiding? This year holds big expectations for your potential.

You've got the angelic influence of the planets on your side this year. Use this beneficient time to make your dreams a reality. This is what you do best, Pisces, since life is more like a dreamscape or art film to you anyway. If life became too ordinary in 2011, it's time to change your script in 2012. What did you really come into this world to do? With Neptune moving back into your sign in February, many messages will come to you in the form of intimations, epiphanies and other pieces of synchronicity. Take everything as it comes without second-guessing or doubt. You won't need your intellect too much this year, as you'll be operating under sheer heart and intuition. Trust that you're exactly where the Universe wants you to be!

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