Monday, February 6, 2012

I just have so much enthusiasm for life, i am in this moment truly inspired.

"I want to earn my happiness" when i heard that phrase from my brother it just moved me. something about those words and how it got me thinking about how i was living my life made me want to change. When i told my friend them, thinking it would mean something to her, i just got excuses and a defensive response which restated the life we were living as if it was enough.

for me it was never enough. i finally realize fully why i was not happy, this was never the fate destined for me.

success is earned though the hard work, and that work will pay off, and all leading to a greater happiness.

i finally am ready to leave my job and seriously look for a new one. i just need change in every form right now. I want to see whats out there for me, try and even potentially fail just to move myself in any direction. i am ready to grow up.

art school is the goal, even if i have to take out loans. i will become the person i desire, this is worth fighting for. its whats my life is worth living for.

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